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Words Matter

The Shape Us, They Connect Us, They Empower Us

Here's Why We Are Awesome


We Listen

By actively listening, we all become more aware. We learn what is important to others. When we know what is important to others, we know how to relate.



We Research

Learning is our passion & research is the exploratory phase of learning.
We discover what is relevant in terms of the product/service. We analyze data to identify important indicators of success.



We Brainstorm

We employ creative strategies to generate ideas & opportunities to connect the product/service with others. We use these ideas along with keywords so the product is easily found on search engines.


Meet the Team

So Who Are We?

We’re a BOGO (buy one, get one free) team of two with different backgrounds, experience, and skills brought together with the common goal of helping businesses come alive through the words we orchestrate together.

Tom is our storyteller, full of wit and wisdom who recognizes words create new perceptions and intentions when they connect us. Teresa follows the details...she asks the questions of who, what, when, where and how? Research is her passion & empathy her guide, both working in harmony to capture interest & drive traffic to a desired action.

Together they rule...the word!

Profile Picture of Owner, Tom Parker

Tom Parker

Lead Copywriter

I will help you light up your business with words & stories! Having lived and worked in seven different  countries and employed in five different industries, I will bring my experience to your content to make it pop and your call to actions, catch fire!
Profile Picture of Teresa Wise, a copywriter

Teresa Wise


I will help you attract more customers with enticing content & then I’ll help you keep them by cultivating the relationship! With over 20 years experience in marketing & copywriting, I don’t settle for “good,”                I go immediately to “WOW.”


Grammar is the foundation for communicating well. My business was continually tapering off and I could not pay for more marketing or advertising help. I found Epic Copywriter. Tom & Teresa solved my problem with action compelling sales materials. Thanks to them, we are back in the black.

Rudolf Bothe Owner, Telecom Consultants, LLC

BDH Technologies Group offer a safe and fast acting microorganism that quickly transforms sour heavy oil into a high quality crude oil. Explaining this highly technical and very complex process was a challenge for us in sales letters, emails, magazine ads and technical papers. With Mr. Parker’s background, Tom was able to grasp the subject matter easily and provide us with great content for all of our needs!

Rainer Tesch CEO & Patent Holder, BDH Technologies Group

Mr. A. Thomas Parker of EpicCopywriter.com was retained by CGI Northeast, Inc., to help develop a “Lunch & Learn” PowerPoint Presentation including sales materials, safety data sheets and training manuals for our crews for our foundation water sealing system, equipment and chemicals. His professionally written technical content in that material helped us grow from a six figure business into an eight figure business in the New York City area. With Tom and Teresa writing our content, we were able to get CGI’s unique technical message across to busy building managers and their superiors, as well. Thank you Epic Copywriter!!

George D Corporate Development, CGI