Tom’s Internet Marketing Series (2)

Internet Marketing Underground: The Shiny Object Syndrome

You are at your computer and reading emails from people who you think can help you.  There is within you the same pain as in so many others, especially in today’s virus-infected environment, should I open this, should I try this training, should I use this service, etc… Perhaps because they have sent you emails before or perhaps you feel this email marketing message sounds just like what you are trying to do or what you need to do to increase your traffic. For whatever reason, you give them the benefit of doubt, you give them your trust.

So many people are hurting just now due to the virus with lost family, lost jobs, lost businesses, and lost fortunes. You are still stuck inside your place and nothing is working right. People are working from home; banks require you to make an appointment to talk to them about a loan. It is so hard to just carry on a normal life. Chaos all around in this new normal. But you still must pay your bills, and you still get charged $35 for each bounced check. You want…you need… to make some extra cash or who knows what will befall you? It is too painful to think about. So, you click open one of those email offers in a hope to ease your pain.

“Hey,” the email starts out. “Jori here has made $100 million dollars over the last five years using email marketing and you can do it to. Just watch this webinar and take action. Don’t forget to take action. You owe it to yourself.  Don’t be alone and continue to struggle when the answer is right in front of you.  Just follow our step-by-step blueprint and we guarantee your success.  You cannot lose anything as we give you 30, 60 and sometimes 180 days to make up your mind. If for any reason whatsoever you don’t like the program, just send us an email, and we will happily give you your money back.”

For business owners, the email message may mention, “Increase your ranking in 3 easy steps,” or “Don’t hire a pro when you can do it yourself. We can show you how to increase your traffic by only working on your website for 2 hours a week.” It just seems to good to be true, right?

So, you fill out the box, give them your credit card, secure with the knowledge that you will be OK if it all turns out badly, and there goes $97, or $197, or $495, or $1495, or $2995. What they don’t tell you is that those 3 easy steps are just one of the elements to success and you will need to also do “x” first or purchase “y” last. Or, by using these steps, you run into issues that are not even mentioned in the training which slows your progress to a snail’s pace.  It then becomes a never-ending downward spiral of purchases, time, and confusion. Your money, your time? Yes, gone forever. So, when you learn of this rather unpredictable fate, how do you feel?

You have been “had” my friend! You have been scammed.

You have just lost whatever money you have “invested” into some program that will cost you hours of your life to find out it is not working. I will write more about my experiences in the coming weeks. This experience even has a name called the “shiny object syndrome.” It can harm you, maybe more than the current virus, or even more than doing nothing at all. Because once you have lost your money, it is lost until you replace it through your own hard work or that of a professional whom you hire afterward.

I plan to expose many of these scams in this blog, as I have personal experience about losing money, especially in the last four years. I plan to share with you my own personal experiences—sharing all the ugliness in internet marketing today, as I have experienced myself, and thank God, share some of the great internet marketing stuff that really works.

If this content interests you, come to this blog at least once a week. I have found that the need is there, and I like writing about it. I have learned much over the last four years and I want to share this content with as many people as I can. I promise to be honest, and I am a man of integrity.  I promise you I will be exposing the facts (even if they are embarrassing to me). I will share the programs that have made me money, as well.  I will name the programs/offers, state their cost and their benefits, or the money loss I have experienced using them. Our Epic Copywriter team can alleviate many of these headaches at an affordable cost to you. We have many services available. Give me a call and/or check out my next blog!

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