Tom’s Internet Marketing Series #3

Branding Helps Drive Traffic

Do you remember back in grade school when you used to wrestle on the playground? I am a man, and it is clear as the sound of a bell to me. Whenever someone was getting the best of the other person, you could always say, “Uncle,” and the other person would let you go—and then the pain would go away as well.

Learning how to get a consistent flow of reliable buyers can be painful. Let’s face it. As an internet marketing person, trying to sell something online can almost make you give up and say “uncle.” But gladly this skill can be learned. The quicker you learn the right way, what works and what does not, the better. Otherwise, you will be wasting a ton of money without any results except jumping from one shiny new system to another. And you don’t want to do that. So, remember to say “uncle” when you are ready to quit and ready to read our blogs.

Traffic is a bit complex. It will take several articles to go through the subject properly. This will be the first article and there will be about a half dozen more. Please come back and finish the series. I believe you will be glad you did as I have spent a lot of money learning this one paramount part of internet marketing.  And, I have a burning desire to share it with you to help you.

Successful Brands

Here we will take a top view down approach, like the rays of the sun through a cloudy sky. Getting a steady stream of ready and willing buyers for what you are selling starts with your BRAND.  Please ask yourself, who knows you and your product or service? That is your brand! 

In internet marketing, your success depends upon how many people know, like, and trust you.  I call this the Opera and Elon theory. Think of it this way. If either one of two (the Opera or Elon Musk) asked you to buy something you could either afford or be willing to take a loan to get, wouldn’t you do it?

Really, think about this a minute. 

You would make the purchase because of their brand. You would do so because you trust them more than the average business or person. We all buy because we like the person or company, or because they are a popular choice. Point number one is you must build your brand.

Here are a few more examples to drive home this point.

Real story

—Have you heard of the 8-year-old child that made $30 million dollars and has 29 million followers on YouTube last year? He started a site he called Ryan Toys Review and people loved it.  People got to know him, they liked him, and they trusted him to purchase the toys he reviewed and recommended.

Why is that you may ask?

Another example is contained in the saying: You want to be the number one fish in a very big pond”.

Well, think about it again, a little more.  When people see so many fish in the pond they could buy from, they will automatically go to the big fish first as they perceive it as the better value. This is basic human psychology. Therefore, good internet marketers try to get to number one on Google’s rankings—right?  That gives us an edge and a better chance to be seen by more people who think, “Hey, that person or company is number oneWe probably need to buy from them just like so many others have already done —trust is established by the ranking and buy the numbers. 

Mere Exposure Effect

The above is called the Mere Exposure Effect. It is basic human behavior, and it works all the time in internet marketing.  This effect is the psychological phenomenon in which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them.

You can test this effect another way. Ask yourself, who is the person or company you would trust the most? The answer is as solid as the Excalibur sword stuck in the rock. The answer is the person you know the best or who is most familiar is the one you trust the most because so many others have done so before you.

You establish your brand by getting people to know you, like you, and trust you. Without working this equation first, getting all the variables to come together, you will never get a reliable stream of ready and willing buyer traffic. If you want to make big money in internet marketing, the understanding of this human behavioral premise is paramount.

In the application to real-world internet marketing, you must get to know your customer, understand what they want, and produce that result, easing their pain points. They will begin to trust you and buy repeatedly from you, no matter what you are selling, if it is relevant to them.

Looking forward

we will discuss how to build your BRAND. With this principle in place, we will discuss techniques for growing your brand. Which platforms, programs, and systems bring results, and which ones to stay away from within your niche. We will try to crack this famous nut—what works and what does not work.

We are always available to help you with ANY problem, like branding. Contact us and we will use our combined deep and broad experience to at least try to help you. Sometimes it is good to have another human listen and be a sounding board. We volunteer. You can see who we are at the About Us tab, and contact us at the Contact Us tab.

P.S. Exposure is a great way to get people to know who you are and build your brand. We will discuss a few ways to do that next time.

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